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Systems Management just means keeping your computer systems in good working order. We will work with you to control costs and keep your employees working on work, rather than working on their computer problems. We can design, install, and support an entire system including the Server (if necessary), Client Computers, Network Devices, and Printers. Best of all we can seamlessly integrate it all into the cloud for a convenient “work anywhere” experience.


Networking Networking & Integration

We can design and configure all kinds of networks, from hard-wired Gigabit copper to state-of-the-art wireless with redundant internet connections. We can setup guest Wi-Fi for your visitors and make sure your business information stays separate and secure. We make sure that everything works together and works well. A well-functioning network is key to a well-functioning business.

Disaster Recovery Disaster Planning & Recovery

All businesses should have an IT disaster recovery plan in place. Generally it is part of an overall Business Continuity Plan. The IT plan starts by compiling an inventory of hardware (servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices), software applications and data. The plan should obviously include a strategy to ensure that all critical data is backed up. Safeguarding sensitive customer information is also important.

Businesses that use standardized hardware (same vendor, similar models) will help to replicate and reimage new hardware. Copies of program software should be available to enable re-installation on replacement equipment. A prioritization list of hardware and software should be part of the Disaster Recovery Plan.

Contact us to learn more about setting up a disaster recovery plan for your business.

AV Installation Hi-Resolution A/V Installation

We provide state-of-the art design and installation of audio-visual system solutions for board rooms, conference rooms, lobbies or training centers. We include integration with your network, cable company or the internet so that your virtual meetings, interactive presentations or special events are easy for your team to set up once they are in place. All installations are fully customizable to meet your unique requirements.

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